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Flirt City


***NOTE: Flirt City requires Facebook login!In Flirt City you can easily become a TV STAR, flirt around and win people’s hearts with your looks, extraordinary intellect and sense of style! Bright clothes and trendy hairstyles, fashionable accessories and stunning looks – you can have it all to create your own unique image.***GAME FEATURES***
- Customize your look with over 1000 items of CLOTHES and accessories!- Change the way you look with over 100 unique HAIRSTYLES and make-ups!- Participate in TV SHOWS, flirt away and meet the love of your life!- COMPETE with other players and prove everyone that you're the best!- Play together with your Facebook FRIENDS!- Win awesome AWARDS in the Wheel of Fortune!- DECORATE your house with new furniture!- CREATE your own bonuses at the kitchen!
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